Which 18650 lithium battery company doing OBM?
Compared to all companies that offer ODM and OEM services, few companies actually offer OBM support. The original brand manufacturer refers to the 18650 lithium battery company that sells its own branded products. OBM manufacturers will be responsible for all aspects of manufacturing and development, pricing, delivery and promotion. The OBM service results require a complete sales network in the international and related channel organizations, and the cost is quite high. With the accelerated development of AGM it is striving to provide OBM services for domestic and foreign customers.

The reputation of AGM lithium battery has been spreaded into oversea market. The lithium battery pack is one of the main products of Zhuhai Angel Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. er26500 produced by Angel are mainly characterized by their 3.6 volt lithium battery. Produced under the strict cost control, the product can be offered at a competitive price. Complete and advanced production lines better ensure the high efficiency in AGM lithium battery to provide high-quality lifepo4 battery. It can be used in a wide temperature ranges and will not cause explosion easily.

AGM lithium battery brand will require a further step to create high-end lithium battery pack. Call!
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