Tips on how to Maintain a Notebook Battery

by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-21
Like all rechargeable cells, laptop and notebook batteries eventually lose their ability to hold electrical. Even though Lithium-ion batteries are not affected by 'memory effect,' every battery has a smallish number of charge cycles. Quite news is, there certainly are a few things notebook owners can do in order to maintain and prolong living of their portable computer battery reports.
Take the battery out as soon as the notebook is plugged in. Heat is one particular of the biggest detriments towards health of battery cells. Since laptops are often set to go at full power when plugged in, the extra heat generated will eventually diminish the life of your battery.
Drain it pack to about 45 to 50 percent before removing it for extended storage. (Check the battery monitor within your operating system's task bar.) Store the battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sun's light.
Use the notebook until the power runs down before charging it again (the Power/Standby light will blink and/or a security alarm will sound). This minimizes the regarding charge cycles, which will prolong lifestyle of battery.
Set your operating system's power options to maximize life cycle of battery. In Windows XP, for example, click on the 'Start' menu, then 'Control Panel,' 'Performance and Maintenance,' 'Power Options,' and then 'Power Schemes.' Select 'Portable/Laptop,' then click 'OK.'
Restart the computer and say hello to the BIOS (usually by pressing the 'F1,' 'F2' or 'Delete' key). Most newer notebooks have advanced BIOS features that control you will have an of power used by internal components like the CPU. Set the power options to boost battery life (refer for an owner's manual if necessary).
Buy more backup battery to increase the mobility of the notebook. Make certain fully charged if you use it on the regular base. If not, follow Step 2 above to charge and store it safely.
How incorporated with this a Notebook Battery
A notebook battery allows the laptop to function without being plugged into an electrical socket. This permits the notebook more mobility and portability. Employ a notebook battery, an end user must install it and charge it, because your battery finally lose its charge if not plugged straight to an electrical outlet. A battery can essentially charged a given number of that time before about to not hold charge almost all anymore and replacing.
Turn the notebook computer over so the bottom is facing up.
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