Shenzhen Li-ion battery industry

by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-19
Lithium power industry in China's development and is closely related to cell phone batteries, and lithium power industry is guided with group of private establishments.
At present, China is among the most world's largest manufacturers of lithium battery production bottoms. China's lithium-ion battery manufacturers in Guangdong, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang different places. At present, the Guangdong region of the lithium production already is the reason for 75% of the country, while the Shenzhen taken into account 70% of the land.
Song Ding Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Chief Engineer, Dr. Du Hongyan, China's lithium-based power industry began in 1997 already went through an an independent research and development to learn from the introduction of the industrialization of the road. Entered since 2001, with the Shenzhen BYD, Banke batteries, lithium-ion battery company's rapid rise, China's lithium power industry has begun to enter fast-growth stage. In 2002, China's lithium battery crossed the 100 million mark, accounting for 12% of worldwide market share. In 2007, China's production of lithium-ion battery has reached over what 1.4 billion, of which China's domestic manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries at about 1 billion or so, BYD's lithium-ion battery industry in the field can access the world top your five. In recent years, China's lithium-ion battery manufacturers worldwide market share stable at around 34%, with Japanese companies to form a lithium-ion battery production in par trend.
'Lithium battery industry as mobile phones, computers supporting industrial development together, Baoan cell phone, both regarding computer industry is also a manufacturing base, the corresponding lithium battery companies mostly are concentrated in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, now more than 1,500 associated with lithium batteries business, which concentrated sudden expenses of Baoan. 'Du Hongyan introduced.
At present, the lithium battery business at the forefront of the Longgang District, which resulted in BYD, BAK two world-class manufacturing companies, while the lithium battery industry Bao'an is relatively concentrated area, with B & K, Lei days, Song ting, etc. with the lithium-related businesses. Meanwhile, lithium power industry related equipment manufacturing companies are mostly concentrated in Baoan, and also the upstream and lithium battery-related enterprises are more.
'Baoan has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of lithium batteries, and it possesses grown into China's largest rechargeable battery industrial base.' The actual 'Third High Level Forum on the South China Lithium-Ion battery (International Year)' on one industry source said.
Matching in the industry, the Shenzhen City jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Ru-Kun introduced, lithium power industry is fairly strong chain, from upstream materials, in the end equipment manufacturing, to the downstream of it production, application, in the the Bao'an find matching businesses. Utilized for such areas as part of a wider range, including mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras and high-end electric car market, lithium power are great development potentials. Baoan Li-industry companies have full strength combined efforts to create a national base for lithium power industry correct.
In addition, Baoan also focused on the group of R & D capability and independent intellectual property rights among the lithium business. Such as Shenzhen B & K Electric Denver colorado., Ltd. Li-ion current R & D projects launched upwards of 100, of that 40 applied to buy national patent. B & K is the annual output value of more than 300 million yuan and also the set of lithium batteries R & D, production and purchasers of large-scale high-tech companies. The relevant data, B & K has developed into the world's considerable manufacturers of lithium batteries, the products sold in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide, making up 8% of global market share.
This reporter learned that, as professional Li-ion power development business, B & K has completed its listing counseling services in another period of time, will become initially landing in the Mainland stock market lithium business.
'The need to have supportive policies and harmonization of technical standards'
'At present, the development of battery-powered electric vehicles have become the most trends in the world automotive industry, the creation of new energy vehicles in China has become the consensus of traditional technology, while in a car behind other countries, but in research and development of the latest energy vehicles dissimilar to the developed countries, almost on precisely starting line. 'Baoan a business person would look at the development of new energy vehicles.
'In the lithium battery industry, the Shenzhen walk at the front of the whole country, and formed a profound historical accumulation, with a strong R & D capabilities. Lithium battery research and development, but mainly concentrated in a connected with large lithium battery business, and precisely R & D investment is loads of cash high . As a starting point high, technically demanding industries rely solely along at the ability of enterprises is still short. 'CAO Jian introduced.
'In fresh energy vehicles, its future is still strong momentum we have seen, the sung-ting is also involved in R & D in advance, but no corresponding products come out, but wait for that market's response, once mature, the input production. 'Du Hongyan said. It is understood that becoming Song-ting businesses, Baoan many enterprises start to focus on lithium-electric vehicle research and development of new energy leavened funds.
After monetary crisis, governments have increased for new energy vehicles in support, in March, U.S. The president's signed a monetary stimulus package for 2015 America's new energy vehicles production capacity to reach millions of a year the length and width . At the same time, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz together with other auto giants have also moved into new energy cars generous R & D and production proceeded.
In January of this year, the nation's Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Planning, introduced a new energy vehicles, according to planning requirements, by 2020 the proportion of China's new energy vehicles accounted for half of the car, about 65 thousand thousand. Shenzhen BYD introduced dual-mode cars, new energy vehicles in order to walking in the world.
Chinese Academy of Engineering, YANG Yu-sheng said that, from a technical reason for view, three years, can be produced on an charge of China's 15-minute guarantee car 300 to 400 kilometers of power lithium battery, and the amount of charge cycles (cycle life) up to 2000 times, speed a great deal as 120 km / h, and technique energy vehicles for the development of technical self confidence.
However, some experts have concerns, compared to foreign countries, the domestic development newest energy vehicles is still inadequate foundation is very weak, once to seize the opportunities of foreign companies invested R & D and industrialization, it is likely to use its strong capital and brand associated with efficient allocation of global resources, new energy vehicles in the joy of widening the space.
'Need to aid countries to formulate policies and harmonization of national technical standards and enhance the corresponding supporting good.' YANG Yu-sheng.
'Shenzhen in new heats up in order to seize the opportunities, we should certainly set up a research and development center, a collection of various enterprises R & D strength and talents together put together a lithium power technology research and development base, so they can be technically and international big business to compete. As the Lithium-Ion battery production enterprises, the production sector can be transferred to other regions, but the R & D department must keep Shenzhen. 'CAO Jian published.
Baoan should pay awareness to new energy-related support policies
Shenzhen lithium power industry in Shenzhen has been the impending attention in September, Shenzhen, introduced the 'planning' and 'measures.' 'Planning' has remarked that Shenzhen into an important base for that country's new energy industry and a pioneer in urban low-carbon economy by 2015, the city's new energy industry will end up being the new pillar industry, production value will reach 2500 billion yuan.
'Measures' proposed, starting in 2009, 7 consecutive years, including fresh energy industry set to as much as support emerging industries, including special funds, special funds for major projects in Shenzhen high-tech, science and technology R & D funding, technological progress, financial and municipal financial year will concentrate on the 500 million yuan to support the new energy industry, focusing on industrial technology research and development, laboratory construction, product application, project assistance, personnel training, publicity and sales. For the Shenzhen enterprises, universities and research institutions to new regarding the energy industry, national, provincial R & D and industrialization projects to carry out National Engineering Laboratory, Key Laboratory of other construction tasks, special funds will be given a maximum 15 million yuan to aid or funding supporting .
In order to introduce and develop new energy industry professionals, 'measures' also provides for new energy professionals can enjoy housing, spouse employment, children in school, academic training allowances and other preferential policies to operate post-doctoral are employed the deep workstation or mobile station to give an one-time 500,000 yuan subsidy, innovation and awarded 20 million to advance an one-time bases, and post-doctoral personnel provide an income allowance. In addition, the development of Shenzhen, the creation of new energy industry related professional institutions will be provided with no beyond 1000 million in funding earmarked for the relevant teaching equipment and training base building.
Shenzhen's new energy support policies already in place, but the relevant supporting policies Bao'an District has not followed higher.
'Lithium power industry enterprises as high-tech industries work better Government's attention, but the Bao'an District Government in lithium power industry has not yet introduced the relevant supporting policies, the Government should center on human info. At present, our company is not 100% R & D team in Shenzhen residence population, retain talent, companies need generate great efforts, while however subject to assessment on the inside title belonging to the household registration restrictions. government support for industrial development, the secret is to support talent, talent with the enterprise of scientific research strength, have the ability to walk in advance of . 'Du Hongyan understood.
A lithium battery expert pointed out that, recently, introduced the three largest industry in Shenzhen to aid the policy, namely, new energy, the Internet and biotechnology industries, along with the advantages from the new energy industry is the most prominent place, Baoan, Longgang, but on new field of energy have gone ahead within the Bao'an If we do not attach more importance Baoan, Shenzhen Daxin 3 supported industry, Bao Sheng always be difficult reveal the fruit of the group.
'Baoan high-tech enterprises have relevant policies and support, but for giant projects, it is sometimes complicated to benefit, but for the enterprises, the main to development is unquestionably the implementation for a number of major projects, the Government should lithium power industry has a far-sighted nature of the look.' CAO Jian-hua considered.
The policy should be forward-looking
Lithium power industry is actually emerging industry, as a major part of latest energy sources will work future of cars, cars could be and other clean power sources. Lithium-Ion battery will drive the development of quite a few of new energy industries up and down the formation of the economic chain will form a fabulous economic growth point. Inside the face this industry trend, the Government should possess a forward-looking, from the future industrial development associated with strategic layout, to seize the new industry development opportunities.
Lithium-Ion battery is closely related with people's daily life, for instance mobile phones, computers, digital products, their source of one's energy provided the actual lithium. Future, the lithium can also generate momentum to address the automotive, electric vehicles and other energy needs.
Every time a crisis has always led the rise of new industries. New energy industry, has coded in foreign countries for too long in China's development has for some time, until more will be the enterprise alter to economic developments in the pressure industry to build lithium. However, the recent economic crisis, so that national enterprises and governments feel the importance of new energy sources, making the nation's government provides policies in order to the advancement of new energy industries, the development of new energy sources will also play a catalytic role.
At present, the domestic point of view, competition between cities is even the development of the latest energy sources, and some by virtue of resources into the lithium battery industry, pertaining to instance Jiangxi Yichun; while Shandong, Henan and other places, moment has come by virtue of hawaii enterprises began starting point prefix involved in the progress of lithium power industry; and Shenzhen, its a good market-oriented because of the role of the government, with mobile phones, computers different ancillary products, the spontaneous formation associated with a number of lithium battery business, this development momentum, making Shenzhen lithium battery business well adapt to market demand, and the companies made for professionals private enterprises, has a decent market flexibility, once optimistic about business opportunities is time itself to enter, reveal the development opportunities brought new industries, which makes lithium-power industry in Shenzhen in other related industries developed on the basis, along with a good industrial base.
These, people who the government be which will see as soon as possible. At present, Shenzhen and other cities are competing for that development of lithium power industry, Shenzhen by virtue of the fact that several big companies lithium. The Baoan District, supporting industries in the lithium battery is probably the most complete along with a lot able to play a leading role in lithium power industry, but this one, Longgang walk in the front. Despite the Baoan more concentrated lithium production enterprises, these enterprises are generally product processing, and in R & D, etc. do not have the input juice. The Longgang by virtue of 2 big companies, walk their forefront of research and development, share in Shenzhen to support the three major industries in definitely one of them.
If the relevant policy, Baoan not yet manifested a high-quality industrial base, good industrial supporting advantages, are not fully utilized, will be further behind in the Longgang, or even other cities.
One entrepreneur said how the development of lithium power industry end up being closely related with the industry, supporting upcoming development belonging to the automotive timing of major new energy sources, a typical no there is a similar to auto companies, Baoan, which will finally cause the lithium-power industry to migrate toward vehicle-populated areas. At present, the BAK-related industries the company has already moved to Tianjin.
Therefore, Baoan lithium power industry in order to be given sufficient attention to your development, with forward-looking approach to the layout of improvement of lithium power industry, power industry to generate a lithium concentration of base, furthermore to try and lithium battery business, one other up for lithium-electric cars, lack most recent energy package problems from the new round of industrial development a fight for a breakthrough.
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