LYON Superchargers Announce Capacity Increase

by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-20
Hong Kong, China - LY'ON Superchargers, Inc., a top Quebec, Canada-based manufacturer of innovative rechargeable energy storage solutions for commercial applications with a satellite office in Hong Kong, today announces that it is preparing for a significant surge in lithium ion battery capacity in 2014 in line with an upward trajectory in orders from niche area electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers.
The company will add capacity at its main site in Pointe Claire, Quebec:
Lyon Superchargers will search for a fourth line to produced greater quantities of prismatic lithium ion batteries for 2 hybrid creaters.
It will build a line at Pointe Claire to accommodate orders for electric public service buses.
The capacity increase comes as demand for electric vehicle power cells surges while demand for traditional batteries for mobile and computers seem stuck terminal decline caused by squeezing margins in respond to competitive pricing from low-cost competition in China.
Though LY'ON Superchargers to help provide specific details of how much capacity it will add, is found in global ease of automotive lithium ion batteries has grown from just 50,000 cells a month in 2010 to 750,000 cells 30 days in 2013.
'The involving cells per vehicle depends very much on thus far of automobile but 60 cells per battery pack is a ballpark figure meaning we supply enough batteries for 12,500 electric or cars each month,' said Andrew Richardson, President of Lyon Superchargers.
About LY'ON Superchargers
LY'ON Superchargers have been innovating a lot more than twenty-three years, establishing its global leadership as a single-source for raw materials used. Our customers during the globe have achieved greater productivity, higher performance and an overall reduced total cost of ownership.
Our supply partners take a dynamic demand driven by our customers' appetite for greater being successful. The end users are are incredibly beneficiaries folks technologies, enjoying products with exceptional durability and effectiveness.
Our portfolio of technical difficulties and renewable products, enable our customers to grow their business and strengthen their commitment to renewable energy for their production lines and global supply bracelets. Let us assist select critical materials is give you a competitive edge and impact your bottom-line.
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