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lithium polymer battery online for gps

lithium polymer battery online for gps

Lithium polymer battery online for gps

AGM-PL602060 3.7v 750mAh
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Company Advantages
1. All raw materials of AGM lithium battery lithium polymer battery pack have been strictly tested for the property and safety. The output voltage produced by it is both high and stable
2. The use of this product means saving time and labor costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can quickly finish tasks that people can not do. It is widely used in power tools, electric golf cars, and other electronic products
3. This well recognized product is known for excellent quality and reliable performance. It is environmental-friendly and strictly conforms to the eco-friendly international standard
Rated Capacity:750Ah
Norminal Voltage:3.7V
Charging voltage4.2±0.03V
End of discharge Voltage:3.0V
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:1.0C
Maximum discharge instantaneouscurrent :1.0C
Internal Resistance:≤130mΩ
Operation Temperature Range(Charge):0-45ºC
Operation Temperature Range(Discharge):-20~60ºC

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Angel Energy Technology specializes in the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of various rechargeable battery, Lithium ion battery,Battery charger and consumer electrionics nearly 17 years of experience.  located in ZhuHai, Guangdong.products cover more than 20 countries and earn high faith and authorization.

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Q:Can you accept OEM/ODM Service?
A:Yes, we support OEM&ODM service for customers as a lithium ion battery factory.Customized is available.
Q:Can i have a sample order?
A:Sure. Welcome for sample order to test and check quality.
Q:What’s your MOQ?
A:We can accept small order if we have on stock.If mass production we have MOQ.
Q:What’s the payment terms?
T/T ,paypal ,Alipay,Wechat are all welcome.30% in advance as deposit and A:70% before the delivery as the balance payment.
Q:What's the battery products’ warranty?
A:Usually 12months (It is not covered by the warranty period if human damage)

Company Features
1. Zhuhai Angel Energy Technology Co.,Ltd has evolved into one of the most famous manufacturers and exporters of lithium polymer battery pack . We have been widely recognized in the industry. [Enterprise Title ] engineers and engineers possess the finest top work expertise of lithium polymer battery .
2. We have an excellent team of R&D staff. They are consist of hardware and software group. Their strong abilities in improving present products and developing new products help us win many customers.
3. Zhuhai Angel Energy Technology Co.,Ltd has a group of polymer battery designers and production engineers. Zhuhai Angel Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is pursuing innovations that are critical to both our customers and our company. Call!
Easy to use and charge. One battery was doa but was give a partial refund. They work great
I have already bought more, Love Them
This battery was packaged well. The only thing to know is you need to charge the phone up for 24-48 hours after you put it in your phone.
I haven't tried it yet.Good product
Really good product.
Everything is fine so far. Arrived on time,fit fit phone, and charges normally like the origional. I recomend this to all.
Glad to know I can have a back up set just in case !
Expensive but worth the money for the long run...Very good seller response...Well packaged with fast shipping!
We have an electronic battery operated deadbolt door lock on one of our doors at home. It uses 4 AA batteries and it has lately become a battery destroyer because the high-quality batteries we have been using have been failing after a very short time. Failures become very frustrating when you can't even get in your own door because the batteries won't work. I decided to try the Blacklube batteries because I was fascinated by the ability to recharge them via USB which I had not seen before. My decision to try them was based on the fact that if they failed I could recharge them and reuse them and recharging was the same as recharging the phone or bluetooth or anything else we have that is battery operated. Special recharging equipment that would cost more and would probably get lost was not needed. Even though I was fascinated by these "new" batteries I was still skeptical because the "premium" batteries we had been using were supposed to be the top of the line products from a performance standpoint. My thought was that the electronic lock had been failing because there was no way these batteries could possibly fail in such a simple current draw application. Boy was I ever wrong. I ordered 4 of these batteries for the door lock we are using and proceeded to use them immediately after they arrived. Right away there was a noticeable difference between these batteries and the previous AA batterie used. I was able to charge them up with the supplied USB cord and they all showed the red light indicating recharging. When the were fully charged they all showed the green light indicating ready to use. No more guessing whether the batteries are all fully charged or charged the same. I put them in the door and they have been working well ever since. The door lock is on an exterior door to the house and even through this "Polar Vortex" we have gone through the door lock and the new batteries have continued to work well. I am sure the old batteries we had previously used would not work well under those conditions because others had failed previously under less severe conditions. I am pleased with my purchase, I am pleased with the battery perormance, I am pleased with the ease of use, and I am pleased that my order was shipped immediately so I could use them right away. I would recommend them to anyone wanting or needing to purchase new batteries. Even though the initial cash outlay is a little high, the long term cost potential is very low because they can be recharged and reused many times.
Got these to use in some of my Blink XT cameras in areas that have less activity and motion detection sensing. The selling point is that the Blink XT cameras specify a 1.5V battery so these meet that requirement. Some people have had success with 1.2V rechargeables but not without work arounds. I was not going to go that route when these are a better option and they have in fact met or exceeded my expectations. As stated earlier, I would not use these in a high traffic area or you'll be changing/recharging them every few weeks. If you have Blink XT cameras placed in less trafficked areas then these are so worth it, although I wish they were a little less expensive which is the only reason I took a star off.
Admittedly I've just received these batteries so I can't write much about them. However what lured me into purchasing them is that I intend to use them in my Blink home security cameras (Blink XT models). I've only had my cameras for about three months and one is already asking to have the batteries changed (it's on a bit of a busy corner of my house which sees pedestrians and traffic). I like the idea of rechargeable batteries as if I have to change batteries every few months, as opposed to the two years on ideal settings that Blink claims, then I won't feel so bad about it. Batteries can be expensive, particularly the lithium ion variety, and you're putting waste batteries into the environment when a couple of hours on the charger can fully recharge your set and save them from the landfill... What I also like about these is that you don't need a proprietary cradle in which to charge. I was surprised when I stumbled upon these types of rechargeable batteries as they use a micro-usb port to take on power! Oh sure you can still find brands with cradles and those are just fine, but I really like the cutting edge idea of being able to plug them in like I would my cell phone using the port built into each battery. They even feature their own LED which'll glow red for charging and green for ready in under two hours (as opposed to the six hours or more I had to wait when I was a kid in the '80's...). Mine didn't even get warm to the touch like the old rechargeable batteries from years ago did or like some other reviewers have said about theirs... I just put two batteries in the camera that was asking for new batteries. Things appear to be fine so far and working normally. In a couple of months I may come back and update this review...
I have some devices that won't work without a full 1.5 Volt AAs. I thought I'd give these a try, since I was wanting rechargeables. They work well, hold a charge and meet the 1.5 Volt requirement. My only issue is that that they are slightly oversized (diameter) and will not quite fit in some devices or fit very tightly.
True aa battery performance why did it take so many years to make a rechargible bat with the same output. Worth the wait
Worked okay. Too bad the gloves I got them as back-ups for were junk!
Because I have extra batteries for my gloves
Very convenient because the battery can be charged by USB. We travel a lot and these batteries have become an integral part of our camera. The battery can be used for a long time. We often have problems with the battery being dead, so you can charge quickly. If there is no power outlet, we will charge them by power bank.
Convenient to charge anywhere with micro USB. Great to use in conjunction with battery pack for in the field charging.
Battery was of good quality and good tools
Quality of the product is very good. Lasts all day, just like original battery. Use this brand of battery for every phone, and have no problems. I have used with iPhone 5, 6s, 7 and all good.
Exactly what advertised. Size is accurate. I used it to improve my Wii U Boost and now I have charge for days.
I bought an extra set of these SAV 7.4 volt batteries for my wife's Savior gloves. The batteries worked perfectly and appear identical to the set which came from the manufacturer. This extra set gives you plenty of power to even keep the gloves on high all day if you desire! They are compact and easy to carry in your pocket.
These batteries are amazing! They help to extend the use of my fiancées gloves which she purchased and uses in the daily basis. I highly recommend this product and the company that supports them! Totally worth the purchase!
We bought the gloves then the socks.Great heated ski gear for us
Finally a real option for devices that require 1.5 volts. These deliver a very flat discharge profile until they run out of power. Only douneside is that they do not give you much warning before they die as the voltage does not drop like other batteries. They quickly recharge using any USB charger. Love them!
Fantastic battery, except for were the seem is in the middle. If you rotate it at all it will come unconnected and start smoking. Pretty sure it would start a fire if not caught.
I felt compelled to share my experience so far with these batteries. I am a musician and I got these batteries to power the preamp in my Takamine guitar. The preamp needs 4 solid 1.5 volt batteries with strong sustained current output to work at it's peak. Based upon what I read the product descripton, I thought these batteries would do the job. Upon receiving the batteries, I charged them as directed. I then decided to check them with both my volt meter and a battery tester. On the volt meter, they showed a voltage of 1.524 to 1.532 volts. Just for comparison data, brand new Energizer batteries show 1.625 volts or higher on my voltmeter. On my battery tester they failed to reach the full power indication that the regular 1.5 volt Energizer lithium batteries do easily. I was shocked to see that they could not peg the tester meter like Energizers do. Given that I use my guitar to perform, I need to be able to trust that these batteries will last the whole gig and not start decaying on me in the middle of a song. As it stands right now, I don't have this confidence. I plan to use these in my guitar during practice sessions and I will determine how long they last. I will then follow up with a new review to convey the results.
Since my daughter has a lot of toys that need to take the battery and quickly run out of electricity, I buy a new battery at home almost every month. I don't feel thrifty or environmentally friendly, so I bought a rechargeable battery. It can be charged once a week and is not annoying. The most important thing is environmental protection. Recommended purchase
These batteries are longer than a standard AA battery. For some devices it's difficult to insert or remove the battery due to the very tight fit.
A little on the pricey side but it works great on my blink XT camera. It's been almost 3 months and I haven't had to recharge them yet. The area I have these camera's get about 2 to 3 alerts a day so its pretty low usage. Wish these were just more affordable I would a few more just to have on hand. But it does work exactly what I intended them for so I'm happy.
I buy coupe sets of these battery's for to be able to use them in my mBot Ranger as they have more power than usual non rechargeable cheep battery's. For now they are running very good. Easy recharge and hold charge long. If i need more i will buy again :)
This is my 1st USB charged AA battery and my 1st Li-Ion, its power will last long. I've been using it for my auto-open battery operated trash can for a month now and still working.
Bought this to replace the battery that had died in my dash cam. Matched the capacity and output. Good length on the wires, decent gauge - not overkill but not undersized either. It has been working as it should for a month or two now. The battery really is only used to save and shut down after it is unplugged, but it has been doing its job. I’ll try to update down the line once it’s had some use.
Replacement battery .. received in proper package. Installed and charged. Worked as expected.
Bought this product on Prime Day because I saw the deal and my phone battery absolutely stinks, so thought I'd take a shot with this battery. I had someone else install it for me so I'm not sure how easy it is to do, but the battery itself is working awesome. I've read a lot of reviews on other batteries that weren't so great and I'm so glad I took the chance on this one.
Just what my iPhone needed. New juice pack! Thank you.
I have tried many of the other batteries out there and this one is the first one that delivers what it advertises. The kit made removing the old battery extremely quick and painless and the new battery has been performing better than my son's original iPhone 6 battery. I strongly recommend this company and wished they offered more than just batteries.
Perfect replacement fir an m-edge keyboard, Came fully charged, just soldered it in and good to go.
Plugged right in and worked well
Worked as advertised
I like that they aren’t big and bulky like the other kinds were over the past years .
Extra set for my heated gloves
I bought this replacement battery for a Yi Dash Cam after mine failed. I read various articles and the last one I read recommended this model number. After it arrived I opened the camera to realize that the oem battery is a slightly smaller size, uses three wires not two, and the battery connector is much smaller on the dash cam. I immediately put in a return request and began searching for the smaller battery. I found it but they still only had two wires and did not have the connector. At this point I decided to cancel that return and do a bit or soldering. After about 10 minutes I had the wires desoldered from the old battery and attached to the new one. The larger battery fit perfectly in the housing of the dash cam and it has been working great!
the iphone now holds a charge with the new battery, previously it was not holding charge
I didn't want to shell out so much money to pay someone to replace the battery in my old iphone 6 plus, so I took a chance to buy this replacement battery instead, and I'm quite pleased with the product so far. What I really like about this battery is that it has been performing just as expected giving my old iphone a new life. I only have to charge it once a day with normal use, unlike before. The battery's fitment is right on. It came with the necessary tools to do the job. I had to watch instructional videos on Youtube many times and took my time to replace the battery, but it was well worth it at the end.
Worked great
I picked these up to use in my Xbox controller, I got sick of burning through alkaline AA batteries, and kept killing the nicad battery packs. So far these are great. Play time is what I expected, and charging them is easy. Use two, drain them, replace, drain them, then charge all four. I keep the charging port closed when they are charged, and open it to let me know which ones are drained. It is just a rotating door, so far it hasn’t failed or given me cause to worry. I don’t know about longevity yet.
I truly appreciated the ease of recharging the Micro-USB Li-on battery. I purchased the AA and now I am so glad I glad I gave these a try. I had a question on the charging cable and their customer service contact were committed to my having a great experience with their product -very impressive. Will next purchase the AAA and purchase more Blackube Micro-USB Lithium Battery’s for Christmas gifts especially the people who always seem to have everything.
Most of us have access to USB charging because of our phones and having a battery that uses it is extremely convenient. I bought these batteries because I have battery operated lights that have a timer and I was purchasing lots of batteries to keep them going. These batteries took between only one to two hours to fully charge and are working fine so far. I can't vouch for battery life and durability at this time, but regular batteries keep my lights coming on for almost a month. Even if these didn't go that long, the short charging time and not needing to buy more batteries is a real plus.
Love the convenience BUT the included 4-plug charger cannot charge 4 batteries at once.
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