Is there any third party doing rechargeable lithium polymer battery quality test?
Zhuhai Angel Energy Technology Co.,Ltd welcomes a third party to thoroughly inspect our rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The third-party testing is a quality control process where an independent organization reviews our product to see if it meets certain standards. This process is not involved in any other activities, such as design, procurement, fabrication, or installation but the inspection and testing only. We also carry out our own checks in house performed by our experienced and skilled independent QC team. Both processes can lead to a better-quality product.
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With time going on, AGM plays a greater role in the market of lifepo4 battery. AGM has created a number of successful series, and li-polymer battery is one of them. AGM lithium battery lifepo4 battery meets the strictest fire safety standards. It has been tested by the third-party organization which holds the highest fire standards. It is very easy to use and install. Customers who have used this product said replacing the old ones with it didn't add much electricity bill cost monthly, instead, it helps to cut electricity costs compared to the previous months. It has powerful performance without the dangerous acid leakage or corrosion.
AGM lithium battery Array image391
Under the guidance of the vision of ni-mh battery, we lithium battery provides customers with nimh battery pack services that meet different requirements. Please contact us!

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