Easy methods to Troubleshoot a Sony Digital Camcorder

by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-21
Sony has made many models of camcorders, first the analog variety with cassette tapes, and now digital, which is the tapeless standard of 2010. The company's TRV99 Handycam analog camcorder, a Hi-8 model, is not longer manufactured, but don't panic if you own one, and it starts malfunctioning. Several troubleshooting tips might get your camcorder working again, without you having to buy your piece of equipment.
Turn on your Sony TRV99. If it does not power on, try recharging the battery pack. Also check that the battery power is properly installed. Lift the viewfinder from a corner and slide the power supply downward along its mounting grooves until the 'Batt Release' lever clicks secure. If your TRV99 shuts off during operation, chances are you have a dead battery power. Plug the battery into its AC power adapter until it is fully charged.
If your Sony TRV99 is powering on however is not functioning correctly, eject the cassette tape by sliding the 'Eject' button downwards. (The tape won't eject if require only a few to recharge the battery.) Rewind the tape and try deploying it again, or remove the tape and try using another one. Press the 'Start/Stop' button while in 'VTR' mode, which is scheduled on the mode knob on the side on the camcorder. See if the tape plays on the camcorder's screen. If so, switch to the 'Camera' mode, and press the 'Start/Stop' button again. Determine if you are recording snap shots. If not, telephone Sony support at (239) 768-7547.
Set the auto-focus mode to 'Auto,' if this function isn't working, or 'Manual,' if your TRV99 isn't letting you focus manually. It may be set incorrectly.
Press 'Menu' to display the main menu on the screen. Turn the control dial in the bottom-rear of the camcorder until you are situated in 'Steadyshot.' Press 'Menu' again to select it, after scroll to 'On' to turn it on. Press 'Menu' to set the volume and stereo functions if the sound isn't working rightly. You may have entered the 'Mono' mode, which will lead to recordings not being manufactured in stereo sound.
Check the upper-right corner of the display for a self-diagnosis code. If a person a code that starts off with an 'E,' you have a problem that requires service by calling (239) 768-7547. If the code starts with 'C,'you may be place fix the problem. 'C' followed by '21' means condensation is inside your camcorder. Remove the tape and let it sit powered down for at least an hour. 'C' with '22' means the video heads are dirty and could be cleaned with a head cleaner, available for the most part electronics outlets. 'C' followed by a '23' means you have an incorrect battery installed and must switch to be able to compatible lithium-ion battery. 'C' and then '31' or '32' means you must disconnect AC power and take away the battery and begin anew.
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