Digital slr Price in India Costs three hundred

by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-19
Introduction-The cameras in today generation are available in various brands and models. The SLR Camera Price in India would vary concerning these factors. Below is really a description on few styles of SLR cameras.
Brief description on Canon EOS 7D
This is an 18 mega pixel camera. The type of processor used is APS - C CMOS sensor. It was announced in the month of September, 2009. The type of display is 3 inches and the display resolution is of 640*480 p. The body of the camera is made up of Magnesium Alloy. It weighs only about 800 grams. The type of battery used is Li-Ion LP-E6 Rechargeable battery. It is featured with 8 frames per second in continuous shooting mode. Other than the camera, the sales package has camera cover, wide strap, battery charger, battery pack, Stereo AVcable and Interface Cable. The price of that particular model of Canon EOS 7D Price in India is an approximate of Rs.85,355.
Brief description on Canon EOS 550D
This is actually 18 mega pixel camera and also the type of processor used is DIGIC 4 processor. The dimension of the camera is of 128.8 x ninety seven.5 x 75.3 mmand it weighs less than 500 grams that makes it very easy to consider. The display screen is of 3 inches and the pixel resolution is of 1,040,000 dot pixels. It is featured with Pentamirror Viewfinder. The form of battery used is LP-E8 rechargeable battery that can capture greater than 400 images when charged completely. The different shooting and scene modes includes Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night portrait, Flash off, Movie, Program AE, Shutter priority AE, Aperture priority AE, Manual and Auto depth-of-field.The associated with this kind of Canon EOS 550D Price in india is an approximate of Urs.30,070.
Brief description on Nikon 1J1
This camera has turned out to be very useful for professional capabilities. It is a 10.1 mega pixel camera as well as the type of processor used is EXPEED 3 image processor. This camera would weigh within about 250 grams the idea facilitate easy carrying. It's not hard to screen is of 3 inches as well as the display resolution is of 460,000 dot pixels. The kind of battery used is lithium ion battery and can capture close to 200 shots when charged completely. Could be featured with face-priority AF function that facilitates perfection in every photo captured. The different shooting modes include Smart Photo Selector, Motion Snapshot and greater. It can save photos in RAW and JPEG formats and videos can be saved in AAC data formats.The Nikon 1J1 price in India shall be an approximate of Urs.24000.
Conclusion-These cameras are the very best for professional purposes and enjoy been reviewed to work by its users.
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