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In recent years, vehicle sales revenue of enterprises an average annual growth 28.75%, while the auto parts business product sales revenue increased 36.82 percent annual average higher in comparison industry average. Total index increased, and sketched out our parts and components industry, the continued increase of the scale. As support for the development of China's auto industry, China's auto parts industry is showing the four major trends.
Industry Cluster started to take shape
The end of 2009, to Liuzhou as a leader, radiation Guilin, Nanning, Guangxi Yulin auto parts industry cluster was officially established. The industry cluster growing a new, new energy vehicles and engines as a breakthrough, cultivating unique brand, co-developing technologies to break with bottleneck to form a new competitive advantage. As recently years, Changchun, Jilin, Hubei Shiyan, Wuhu, Anhui, Guangdong Huadu, Tianjin and Hebei Bohai Economic Circle and other auto components industry lower rapid rise of China has been basically formed the northeast, Beijing and Tianjin, central, southwest, Yangtze River Delta, the concentration among the Pearl River Delta region in six major parts.
In addition to supporting large-scale automobile within the group outside the domestic parts industry cluster development, mainly for that three kinds of forms: the first one is depending on the automobile factories around the introduction of components and parts industry; the second is relying towards the zone, auto parts City Development industry; third is the development of parts and components industry, dependent upon the county range. According to incomplete statistics, the current domestic-based auto parts number of obvious to an associated with industrial parks to around 1000, where the main cluster areas or zones of about 100. In the commercial cluster taking shape, around the amount of the building alive, beware of 'set instead of group' phenomenon from the voices gradually. Experts called for right now of industrial clusters will have a primary impact on China's auto parts industry to upgrade tempo. Auto parts industry cluster is no simple accumulation of the quantity of of enterprises, instead is a system cluster.
Enhance the innovation capability
In recent years, China had variety of of innovative parts enterprises has risen rapidly, deep plowing specialized market segments, through continuous innovation, which mastered the advanced products of each video competitiveness. According to statistics, China's auto parts industry has seven state-level high-tech enterprises, and nearly provincial high-tech enterprise. Enhancement of innovation capability, in particular, innovation and capacity building are key components to make really brands have whole new auto parts market position.
The engine is often a car the 'heart', the domestic auto manufacturers Chery, Brilliance, SAIC has been introduced in the last two years, you can with independent intellectual property rights. To be a professional engine manufacturer, Guangxi Yuchai is to have self-development and the international advanced level synchronization products, ability to compete in domestic and international business in the strategic high ground.
Usher in a wonderful opportunity for overseas M & A
The global automotive market, the continued downturn on China's auto parts industry means generally there will be a little more a good opportunity to take out.
If the continued components of overseas acquisitions into account, the other half of 2009 occurred globe case of local parts and components companies roughly more than 10 overseas acquisitions, the worldwide financial crisis to location parts and components business development opportunities for essentially the most effective by extreme measures But along at the whole parts enterprises in China isn't beneficial. Local parts supplier is better to plan ahead, using preferred time acquire quality assets overseas, or technology, to ensure its faster growth, be capable of to meet future major integration capable to.
Accelerating fresh of merger and reorganization
Most among the current domestic sales belonging to the lower parts enterprises, with sales all the way to 10 billion U.S. dollars compared with the transnational giants, China's dimension is significantly smaller parts corporations. Currently, China's auto parts sector is more fragmented than car industry, there are more than 5000 parts manufacturers, independent living conditions of worrying parts establishment.
According to statistics, the domestic parts industry market share of hundred of enterprises only 50% of everyone in your industry, cheaper than other countries (regions) of the concentration. However the parts industry's overall revenue in 2008 reached 837 billion yuan, but the above-scale enterprises, 80% of sales revenue of below 1 billion, industry, only 43% for the parts enterprises have patents, less than 20% of business owners patents. In this context, parts and components industry, If you want rapid development, we must speed up the merger and reorganization, the formation of apparatus.
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