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by:AGM lithium battery     2020-07-25
2 4, journalists from the State Grid Power Company in Sichuan Province Project Office of this UHV Office learned that the person in charge, during 2010 of the Ox Chinese New Year, four-Trent high voltage engineering projects Yibin three Xiangjiaba? Shanghai 800 kV HVDC demonstration project and Jinping - Southern 800 kV HVDC transmission project construction in full swing, Xiluodu - western Zhejiang 800 kV HVDC transmission project in full playing golf.
2 4, journalists from the State Grid Power Company in Sichuan Province Special High pressure Engineering Department office responsible person know, Ox during the Spring Festival, the three four-Trent high voltage engineering projects Yibin Xiangjiaba? Shanghai 800 kilovolt high voltage direct current transmission demonstration project and Jinping - Southern 800 kilovolt hollywood direct current transmission Construction in full swing, Xiluodu - western Zhejiang 800 kV HVDC transmission project in full swing.
Xiangjiaba? Shanghai Demonstration Project The world's first 800 kV Xiangjiaba - Shanghai HVDC transmission project construction is the climax of Sichuan. This is my own engagement ring design and construction of the world's first self-UHV DC Project. Engineering from Sichuan Yibin Fulong converter station and take care of at Shanghai Fengxian converter station, DC line up to 1916 km, the transmission capacity of 640 million kilowatts, with 6-inch thyristors innovation. Yibin Fulong converter station construction on December 21, 2007 officially started construction, is the actual floor has been capped, firewall, floor preparation classes are without water, 500 kV filter support framework has been completed, civil engineering has been going to an end, just about to begin the installation of electrical equipment.
Up line HVDC Transmission Project via the strong support within the Sichuan Provincial Government, Provincial Development and Reform Commission on December 5 last year, held in Chengdu Xiangjiaba - Shanghai 800 kV HVDC transmission line project demonstration project coordination meetings Development and Reform Commission asked the project along the city (district) levels of government construction projects in the works, according to 'special matter, to do special things fast,' the principle of compensation in land acquisition, house demolition, mass resettlement, traffic coordination, security management, such as blasting to actively cooperate with and support to ensure that national, provincial and smooth construction of key projects.
Line up the line to Chengdu in the project was December 14, 2008, 15 were in Yibin and Luzhou full construction. The project is expected to place into operation in 2010, bipolar. Xiangjiaba - Shanghai 800 kV HVDC pole demonstration project will be put into operation next year. The project record, '18 in the life.' It will lead our country into a wide group network equipment and network technology breakthroughs, and achieved a number of major innovations to steer the development of your world's power peak.
Jinping - Southern Engineering Sichuan second 800 kV HVDC Transmission Project?? Jinping - Sunan works, in the November 14, 2008 from your National Development and Reform Commission benchmarks. Works from Xichang in Sichuan Yulon converter station, placement in Jiangsu converter station with the line length of 2095 km, the transmission capacity of 720 million kilowatts. The project is likely to put into operation in 2011 unipolar.
Currently undertaken by the Sichuan Provincial Power Company has completed preliminary work, Converter Station, 'leveling' and pit road is now in full construction. Project volume is 345.6 acres of major projects and large sites for road transport, 'leveling', for example construction massive transport path 1581 m, pit road 586 m, site location is smooth, the wall slope protection, drainage ditches, retaining wall construction, severing ditch, gully control and the like. Engineering since December 8, 2008 approaching construction ever since the construction of three construction units Energy Transmission and Distribution companies and engineering companies in Heilongjiang active with nearby city, township government, farmers communication and coordination, overcome difficulties and strive to promote progress and build the security, stability and harmonious external building environs. Currently progressing well, with all safety, quality, are created in control.
In accordance with the region Grid Corporation of milestone plans, projects must be completed to the rainy season, Sichuan Electrical energy Corporation intentions to be completed on May 8.
Xiluodu - western Zhejiang Engineering
Sichuan third 800 kV HVDC Transmission Project?? Xiluodu - western Zhejiang project, expected to start construction by the end of '2009'. Currently Sichuan Power Grid Corporation your past unified arrangement of the State, has begun handling the project site selection, land and other pursuits pre-approved supporting documentation.
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